Seyed Kazem Malakouti

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OBJECTIVES Depressive disorders are a public health problem even in developing countries. Access to valid and reliable screening instruments is needed for conducting community surveys. The main objective of this study is to provide the Iranian version of the Geriatric Depression Scale-15 (GDS). METHODS The GDS-15 Farsi version was developed by translation(More)
BACKGROUND The object of this study was to develop an Iranian version of the General Health Questionnaire-28 (GHQ-28) for use with elderly subjects. METHODS The GHQ-28 Farsi version was evaluated for face validity among 204 elderly subjects aged 59 years or older, chosen randomly from residents of Tehran. The Composite International Diagnostic Interview(More)
OBJECTIVE Psychiatric hospitalization of patients imposes heavy burdens on caregivers, but little is known about this issue in Iran. The present cross-sectional study aimed to investigate the risk factors associated with psychiatric hospitalization of patients with schizophrenia who were the regular clients for the educational programs of The Iranian(More)
Previous suicide attempt is the most important predictor of death by suicide. Thus preventive interventions after attempting to suicide is essential to prevent reattempts. This paper attempts to determine whether phone preventive interventions or other vehicles (postal cards, email and case management) are effective in reattempt prevention and health(More)
OBJECTIVES Complaints of sleep disturbance increase with age and many studies have reported on the relationship of sleep problems to the greater use of health services, physical and mental morbidity, functional decline, and all causes of mortality. This study aimed to examine sleep patterns and sleep disturbances in Iranian elders and correlate their sleep(More)
BACKGROUND Major depression is a common disorder with great social and individual burdens. Transcranial sonography (TCS) is a useful and noninvasive measure for assessment of normal and impaired brain parenchyma. The brainstem raphe nuclei are in close association with dorsocaudal limbic system and plays an important role in depression. In this study we(More)
Alcohol use and its disorders are associated with increased risk of suicidal behaviors Research has shown that 6-8% of those who use alcohol have a history of suicide attempt. Given the prohibition of alcohol use legally, the increased alcohol consumption, and the lack of strong evidence in favor of its use associated with suicide in Iran, this study was(More)
OBJECTIVE In the last 30 years, ever since the PHC network in Iran has been established, the job duties of Behvarzes (Mental Health Workers in rural areas) have been constantly increasing. The aim of this study was to determine the burnout level, mental health status and the severity of occupational stress among Behvarzes. METHODS All Behvarzes (227)(More)
Zolpidem is a non-benzodiazepine hypnotic drug for treatment of insomnia. It has been introduced as a lower potential agent for dependency and abusive effects. In this study, the reported case was a 62 years old female patient suffering simultaneously with Major Depressive Disorder and Opium Dependency. After abrupt discontinuation of zolpidem, 570 mg per(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe and evaluate the feasibility of integrating a suicide prevention program with Primary Health Care services and evaluate if such system can improve screening and identification of depressive disorder, reduce number of suicide attempters, and lower rate of suicide completion. METHODOLOGY This was a quasi-experimental trial in which one(More)