Seyed Jalal Kazemitabar

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Microsoft SQL Server spatial libraries contain several components that handle geometrical and geographical data types. With advances in geo-sensing technologies, there has been an increasing demand for geospatial streaming applications. Microsoft SQL Server StreamInsight (StreamInsight, for brevity) is a platform for developing and deploying streaming(More)
Many location-based applications are enabled by handling numerous moving queries over mobile objects. Efficient processing of such queries mainly relies on effective probing, i.e., polling the objects to obtain their current locations (required for processing the queries). With effective probing, one can monitor the current location of the objects with(More)
Microsoft StreamInsight is a platform for developing and deploying streaming applications. StreamInsight embraces a temporal stream model to unify and further enrich query language features, handle imperfections in event delivery and define consistency guarantees on the output. With its extensibility framework, StreamInsight enables developers to integrate(More)
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