Seyed Hossein Hosseini

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IEEE 802.15.4 is a popular choice for MAC/PHY protocols in low power and low data rate wireless sensor networks. In this paper, we develop a stochastic model for the beaconless operation of IEEE 802.15.4 MAC protocol. Given the number of nodes competing for channel access and their packet generation rates, the model predicts the packet loss probability and(More)
IEEE 802.15.4, a MAC/PHY protocol for low power and low data rate wireless networks, is emerging as the popular choice for various monitoring and control applications. Depending on the application, the traffic load on an IEEE 802.15.4 network may vary over a wide range. Hence, proper configuration is important for successful operation of the protocol under(More)
Fast convergence to topology changes is now a key requirement in routing infrastructures while reducing the routing protocol’s processing overhead continues to be as important as before. In this paper, we examine the problem of scheduling routing table updates in link state routing protocols. Commercial routers typically use a hold time based scheme(More)
A total of 156 isolates of Leishmania from patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis and one isolate from gerbil were characterized using standard monoclonal antibodies (mAb) in ELISA and IFA test systems. The geographic distribution of the isolates was 30 isolates in Shiraz, 28 in Kerman and 98 in Tehran. A total of 63, 72, and three Leishmania promastigote(More)
Wireless communication among sensor devices, enabled by IEEE 802.15.4 protocol, is increasingly replacing the existing wired technology in a wide range of monitoring and control applications. IEEE 802.15.4 networks typically operate in 2.4GHz ISM band, which is used by popular IEEE 802.11 (WiFi) networks as well. An overlap between the channels used by(More)