Seyed Ehsan Shafiei

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A model predictive control at supervisory level is proposed for refrigeration systems including distributed local controllers. Prediction of the electricity price and outdoor temperature are assumed available. The control objective is to minimize the overall energy cost within the prediction horizon. The method is mainly developed for demand-side management(More)
A novel approach to neural network based tracking-control of robot manipulator including actuator dynamics is proposed by using of backstepping method. A simple two-step backstepping is considered for an nlink robotic system, and a feedforward neural controller is designed at second step where structured and unstructured uncertainties in robot dynamics and(More)
This paper proposes a model predictive control scheme to provide temperature set-points to thermostatic controlled cooling units in refrigeration systems. The control problem is formulated as a convex programming problem to minimize the overall operating cost of the system. The foodstuff temperatures are estimated by reduced order observers and evaporation(More)
The thermal capacity of the content in a cold storage room renders it possible to shift the governing refrigeration system’s power consumption in time, without compromising temperature constraints. In this paper we introduce a method of implementing such a cold storage room into a directly controlled smart grid, by use of a predictive control strategy. In(More)
Industrial robots are commonly controlled in joint space to perform position control [1]. In practice, for tracking a trajectory in task space, an industrial robot follow a desired trajectory in joint space which is already recorded in a learning process called the "teach and play back" technique. Actually, the transformation from task space to joint space(More)
A modular modeling approach of supermarket refrigeration systems (SRS) which is appropriate for smart grid control purposes is presented in this paper. Modeling and identification are performed by just knowing the system configuration and measured data disregarding the physical details. So, this approach is extendable to different configurations with(More)
A robot manipulator is a nonlinear system including high coupling between its dynamics and friction phenomena at its joints [1]. One constraint on controlling of robots is saturation nonlinearities of actuators which less considered in control systems for robot manipulators. A well improved control method is sliding mode control which is capable in the(More)
A decentralized control method is proposed to govern the electrical power consumption of supermarket refrigeration systems (SRS) for demand-side management in the smart grid. The control structure is designed in a supervisory level to provide desired set-points for distributed level controllers. No model information is required in this method. The(More)