Seyed-Ebrahime Shariati

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The effect of a continuous wave carbon dioxide laser on dentin was observed as a function of power density and exposure time utilizing a wet scanning electron microscope. Visible charring occurred for all conditions studied. Surface cratering and flaking were followed by melting of the dentin. Melting resulted in a porous layer or porous globules of(More)
bone matrix and calf fetal growth plate powder on bone healing in rabbits. ABSTRACT Trauma, developmental anomalies, infection, and pathological injuries can lead to defects in the bony skeleton and it is a current challenge for surgeons and investigators to restore lost tissues. This study was designed to evaluate the effects of cortical autograft,(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this cadaver dissection study was to investigate the anatomy of the nasolabial fold with a view to explaining the problems of surgical softening or elimination of the fold. STUDY DESIGN Ten formalin-fixed cadavers and 6 fresh-frozen cadavers were used for this study. In 12 cadavers (8 formalin-fixed, 4 fresh-frozen), the(More)
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