Seyed Alireza Seyedin

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Automatic digital-signal-type identification plays an important role for various applications. This paper presents a highly efficient identifier (technique) that identifies a variety of digital signal types. In this technique, a selected number of the higher-order moments and the higher-order cumulants up to eighth are utilized as the effective features. A(More)
In this paper, we present an optimal Discrete Wavelet Transform-Singular Value Decomposition (DWT-SVD)based image watermarking scheme using Pareto-based Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm (MOEA). After decomposing the cover image into four bands, we apply the SVD to each band, and the singular values of each sub-band of the host image are modified by(More)
—We study and analyze coverage region in MIMO communication systems for a multiple-relay network with decode-and-forward (DF) strategy at the relays. Assuming that there is a line-of-sight (LOS) propagation environment for source-relay channels and channel state information is available at receivers (CSIR), we consider the objective of maximizing coverage(More)
We have presented a new active steganalysis method in order to break the block-discrete cosine transform (DCT) coefficients steganography. Our method is based on a combination of the Blind Source Separation (BSS) technique and Maximum A posteriori (MAP) estimator. We have additionally introduced a new geometrical BSS method based on the minimum range of(More)
—In this paper we study and analyze coverage region for half-duplex multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) relay channel with amplify-and-forward (AF) strategy at the relay station. By assuming mixed Rayleigh and Rician fading channels with two different relay station situations, we consider the objective of maximizing coverage region for a given(More)
This paper presents a new active steganalysis method to break the transform domain steganography. Most of steganalysis techniques focus on detecting the presence or absence of a secret message in a cover (passive steganalysis), but in some cases we need to extract or estimate a hidden message (active steganalysis). Despite the importance of estimating the(More)
—Reliable transmission of a pair of arbitrarily correlated sources over a discrete memoryless cognitive radio channel is studied. We derive a sufficient condition for lossless transmission of such communication scenario using superposition coding, correlation preserving technique, random source partition, a binning scheme and joint typicality decoding. This(More)
—The additive exponential noise channel with additive exponential interference (AENC-AEI) known non-causally at the transmitter is studied. This channel can be considered as an exponential version of the discrete memoryless channel with state known non-causally at the encoder considered by Gelfand and Pinsker. We make use of Gelf'and-Pinsker's classic(More)
In this paper we propose a new joint image registration (IR) and super-resolution (SR) method by combining the three principal operations of warping, blurring and down-sampling. Unlike previous methods, we neither calculate the Jacobian matrix numerically nor derive the Jacobian matrix by treating the three principal operations separately. We develop a new(More)