Seyed Ahmad Yazdian

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Nowadays vendor (supplier) selection has turned to an important decision-making challenge for top decision-makers in companies; this is because an inappropriate decision affects not only that specific buyer but also the entire supply chain. In the real-world situations, due to incomplete and vague information, required data for decision making often can not(More)
In the classical economic production quantity (EPQ) problem demand is considered to be known in advance. However, in the real-world, demand of a product is a function of factors such as product's price, its quality, and marketing expenditures for promoting the product. Quality level of the product and specifications of the adopted manufacturing process also(More)
In today's highly competitive business environment, manufacturers have to offer a great variety of products on a high quality level, in the least amount of time for an acceptable price. Therefore machine maintenance and in general, implementing an appropriate maintenance strategy has become increasingly important for manufacturing companies to accomplish(More)
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