Seyed Ahmad Moosavi

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Recently, the online social networks provide a rich resource of Heterogeneous data which its analysis can lead to discover unknown information and relations within such networks. In analysis of social networks data, a challenging issue is the discovery of community including “similar” nodes and it has widely been studied in the social(More)
Recently, social networking sites are offering a rich resource of heterogeneous data. The analysis of such data can lead to the discovery of unknown information and relations in these networks. The detection of communities including ‘similar’ nodes is a challenging topic in the analysis of social network data, and it has been widely studied in the social(More)
Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) has vast possibilities that are just beginning to emerge as the medium is being utilized by more and more institutions nationwide. The new educational software industries have the potential to meet the educational needs of a large and increasingly diverse student population. The purpose of the present study is to compare(More)
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