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The nucleotide sequences of the cDNAs encoding LDH (EC subunits LDH-A (muscle), LDH-B (liver), and LDH-C (oocyte) from Xenopus laevis, LDH-A (muscle) and LDH-B (heart) from pig, and LDH-B (heart) and LDH-C (testis) from rat were determined. These seven newly deduced amino acid sequences and 22 other published LDH sequences, and three unpublished(More)
The conditions and process of autolysis of calcium-activated neutral protease (CANP) were examined. Optimal conditions for autolysis were the same as those required for expression of activity of CANP. The autolysis proceeded rapidly by a strictly limited proteolysis. During autolysis the molecular weight of CANP changed from 82 K (native CANP or mCANP) to(More)
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