Sewan Choi

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In transformer-less fuel-cell energy conversion systems the voltage-gain is required to be as high as possible. Although component parasitic elements limit the practically realizable voltage-gain of any converter topology, this becomes a critical issue in the case of the basic step-up converter. In this paper, a comparative evaluation of two(More)
This paper proposes a new interleaved current-fed resonant converter with significantly reduced high current output filter which is suitable for EV and HEV applications. The proposed interleaved converter has theoretically zero output filter capacitance, low input current ripple, ZCS turn on and off for all switches and diodes and zero di/dt at turn off of(More)
— This paper proposes a new three-phase telecom rectifier system in which sinusoidal input current at unity power factor is achieved. Inherent natural wave-shaping capability of the polyphase transformer together with an active current wave-shaping technique result in a significant reduction of input and output filter requirements associated with switching(More)
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