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Chip multiprocessors (CMPs) enable concurrent execution of multiple threads using several cores on a die. Current CMPs behave much like symmetric multiprocessors and do not take advantage of the proximity between cores to improve synchronization and communication between concurrent threads. Thread synchronization and communication instead use memory/cache(More)
The Pipelining Communications Middleware (PCM) approach provides a flexible, simple, high-performance mechanism to connect parallel programs running on high performance computers or clusters. This approach enables parallel programs to communicate and coordinate with each other to address larger problems than a single program can solve. The motivation behind(More)
The software and hardware techniques to exploit the potential of multi-core processors are falling behind, even though the number of cores and cache levels per chip is increasing rapidly. There is no explicit communications support available, and hence inter-core communications depend on cache coherence protocols, resulting in demand-based cache line(More)
The string matching problem can be divided into two major categories, known as exact string matching and approximate string matching. Today, exact string matching is used in several applications such as network intrusion detection and IP address lookup in routers. This report focuses on these application areas and presents a survey of several exact string(More)
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