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Proximate analysis and the fatty acid profile of brown algae (Stypopodium schimperii) and red algae (Spyridia filamentosa, Acanthophora nayadiformis and Halymenia floresii) were investigated. The highest protein content was obtained from H. floresii (3.05% on a dry weight basis) whereas the lowest protein content was obtained from S. schimperii (1.12% dry(More)
In the present study, a checklist of planktonic dinoflagellates was prepared from studies conducted on the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey and by evaluating previously conducted studies. The sampling areas included Iskenderun Bay, the coast near Karataş at the west end of the Bay, and Babadillimani Bight, situated at the west of Mersin Bay, and(More)
Daily variations of coastal marine phytoplankton populations were studied over a 31-day period in the northeastern Mediterranean, Bay of İskenderun. Sampling was conducted between 21 June and 22 July 2002. In addition to phytoplankton sampling, chlorophyll a and nutrient analysis, seawater temperature and salinity measurements were done. Surface water(More)
The Sea of Marmara, an intercontinental basin with shallow and narrowstraits, connects the Black and Mediterranean Seas. Data obtained during1991–1996 have permitted the determination of the elementalcomposition of seston in the euphotic zone and the N:P ratio of thesubhalocline waters of the Marmara Sea. Since primary production is alwayslimited to the(More)
The response of coastal phytoplankton community to increased nutrient concentrations was examined over a period of 20 days in the summer period on the NE Mediterranean coast. Two different nutrient enrichments were performed. The enrichment treatments received N, P and Si at a ratio of 15 N: 5 Si: 1 P. Two different doses of nutrients (1x and 2x) were(More)
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