Sevgi Ozkan

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Development of a learning management system requires a multidisciplinary approach and comparison of instructors' adoption in different departments towards system use is one of the most important targets to be considered. The purpose of this study is to identify the salient factors related with the instructors' adoption of learning management system and to(More)
Research addressing the conceptualization and measurement of learning management systems (LMS) within educational organizations as both a web-based learning system for e-learning and as a supportive tool for blended learning environments is receiving attention, and this research study proposes a conceptual e-learning assessment model, HELAM (Hexagonal(More)
Health Information Systems are becoming an important platform for healthcare services. In this context, Health Recommender Systems (HRS) are presented as complementary tools in decision making processes in healthcare services. Health Recommender Systems increase usability of technologies and reduce information overload in processes. In this paper, a(More)
Implementation of web-based learning management systems as a supportive tool in higher education has become so popular with the rapid expansion of information technologies. However, users' acceptance is the primary issue to be considered for the successful implementation and management processes of the systems. In this context, this study aims to understand(More)
Although there is limited research and evidence base, it is reasonable to expect that high quality information technology is an integral factor in the success of today’s healthcare sector. However, the healthcare sector is considered to be low level investor in information technology (IT) when compared to other sectors. There are studies that look at the(More)
With the usage of information technologies in education field, e-assessment that uses information technology to assess students learning started to become popular. Web-based testing, a type of e-assessment, seems to have advantages when compared to traditional testing, like costing, reliability, ease of use etc. Although it seems to have advantages,(More)
In general, a standard is described as an established norm or a requirement list. Standards can be developed as formal documents to establish uniform engineering and technical criteria. The standardization process may be achieved through an edict or it may involve the formal consensus of technical experts. Today, in the growing global technical market,(More)
Banking sector is highly influenced by development of the internet and networking technologies. The considerable number of studies in the field of internet banking acceptance and adoption reflects the importance of this issue for customers, stakeholders and developers of internet banking. The purpose of this study is to present a comprehensive overview of(More)
In Turkey, there have been a number of projects conducted to provide health services by information and communication technologies (ICT). The aim of these projects is to provide health services in the best form and establishing a network among patients and health foundations. Although these systems provide useful functionalities in theory, they have been(More)
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