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The incidence of Bochdalek and Morgagni hernias among adults is very rare. The purpose of this study was to determine retrospectively the prevalence and characteristics of adult Bochdalek and Morgagni hernias in a decade. Consequently, we demonstrated 12 patients with Bochdalek and 8 patients with Morgagni hernias. We presented plain radiography, operation(More)
AIM To compare the efficiency and safety of fibrin glue to suture technique in pterygium surgery performed with limbal autograft. METHODS A prospective randomised clinical trial was carried out in 58 eyes of 58 patients operated for primary nasal pterygium. Autologous conjunctival graft taken from the superotemporal limbus was used to cover the sclera(More)
A hybrid combination of RF MEMS and microstrip patch triple band inset-fed reconfigurable antenna is presented. A rectangular slot is placed on the antenna to obtain a dual frequency antenna. Furthermore, MEMS switches are placed on the slot to change the electrical length of the slot and obtain a third resonance frequency. Similarly, MEMS switches are used(More)
In this study A Klinefelter syndrome case with iris colobomata and glaucoma A 40 year old man was referred for bileteral open angle glaucoma and colobomata of the iris. His IOP's were regulated by bilateral trabeculectomy. The clinical findings of azoospermia, abdominal testes, mild mental retardation and high levels of FSH.
We report the case of 44-year-old woman with a left-sided Bochdalek hernia (BH) with concomitant partial situs inversus. The patient was presented from the outpatient clinic with lower chest discomfort. She had suffered from abdominal pain for one year, with no history of trauma, previous surgery, or extreme physical exertion. Chest radiograph revealed a(More)
The complete design of a re-configurable dual frequency antenna structure, including its integrated RF MEMS switches and their actuation lines together with a CPW feed, is introduced. The number of switches used in the inset is decreased compared to the hybrid design we presented previously (Onat, S. et al., IEEE Int. Antennas and Propag. Symp., vol.2,(More)
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