Sevgi Gözdaşoğlu

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The complications of right atrial catheters (RACs) in pediatric oncology patients are unknown for centers in developing countries. This study examined the complications of RACs at Ankara University Medical School, Turkey. A total of 90 RACs were placed in 61 children for long-term chemotherapy with a total experience of 15,536 catheter days. The rate of(More)
In a series of 166 leukemic children from Turkey, 56 had acute myelomonocytic leukemia (AMML). Seventeen boys and 3 girls presented with chloroma-like deposits (granulocytic or myeloid sarcomas) in the eye and orbit, all showing AMML on initial study of blood and marrow. The ocular lesions responded rapidly to antileukemic therapy. Laboratory studies of(More)
Blood (serum, erythrocytes) and hair zinc levels were determined in 60 biopsy-proven pediatric Hodgkin's disease cases at diagnosis. Cellular immunity also was assessed through total lymphocyte counts, E-rosette formation, lymphoproliferative response (LP), and delayed cutaneous hypersensitivity tests to dinitrochlorobenzene, streptokinase-streptodornase,(More)
A brief summary of the research carried out on the problem of geophagia is reported in this paper. Geophagia was a common finding among Turkish children and women in villages, associated with severe iron deficiency anemia in addition to zinc depletion. The syndrome characterized by geophagia, iron deficiency anemia, growth retardation, hypogonadism and zinc(More)
Eighty-one Turkish children with Burkitt's lymphoma (BL) were observed during a period of 24 years (1968-1992). The diagnosis was established histologically according to WHO criteria. BL represented 48.5% of NHL in this series. The median age of patients was 5 years with a sex (M/F) ratio of 2.3/1. The most common primary site of tumor involvement at(More)
Seventy-two Turkish children with Burkitt's lymphoma (BL) observed during a period of 22 years (1968-1990) have been analysed retrospectively. The diagnosis was established histologically according to WHO criteria. BL represented 50% of NHL in this series. The patients were staged according to Ziegler's system. The median age of patients was 5.5 years with(More)
A total of 18 patients within the age range of 5-13 years, 12 male and 6 female, are diagnosed as having Fanconi's aplastic anemia on the basis of congenital abnormalities, pancytopenia, bone marrow hypoplasia, and chromosomal and hematologic analysis. The hereditary and familial basis of Fanconi's aplastic anemia was apparent in this series. Common(More)
UNLABELLED This study intends to describe growth and endocrine disorders secondary to chemotherapy among long-term survivors of pediatric acute leukemia. Sixteen patients including 14 ALL and 2 AML entered the study. Four were females and 12 were males with the mean age of 17.38 ± 3.81 years. Following the completion of their therapy, the mean follow up(More)
In the present study we investigated serum, plasma, RBC and hair zinc concentrations in pediatric Hodgkin's cases at initial presentation and in remission (measured by atomic absorption spectrophotometry). In addition, immune parameters such as total lymphocyte counts (TLC), E-rosette test (E-R), lymphocyte proliferative (LP) responses to PHA, and skin(More)