Severo M. Ornstein

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This paper describes a set of macromodular building blocks such as registers, adders, memories, control devices, etc., from which it is possible for the electronically-naive to construct arbitrarily large and complex computers that work. Machines are assembled by plugging the modules into cells of a special frame which provides for communication between(More)
The macromodules being developed at Washington University are logical building blocks which can be inserted into a special frame and inter-connected by standardized cables to form digital computing systems of any desired complexity. The logical design of these modules is fraught with many problems, some of which yield easily to standard design techniques(More)
The CHASM is a "fixed plus variable" computer system composed of a specialized marcomodular processor coupled to a LINC. The CHASM is designed to carry out the analysis of a Markov process model for the time patterns of spike discharges of neurons. The fixed portion of the CHASM computes certain probabilities associated with the Markov process model. The(More)
The purpose of this panel is to explore the limits of our ability to build fully reliable systems and the consequences thereof. As we come to depend more and more on sophisticated computer-based systems, certain of society's functions are placed in jeopardy. In general our dependence grows gradually as we adjust our degree of trust based on incremental(More)
The benefits of computers to society are many and obvious . But as society becomes increasingly dependent on the power of computers for its vital functions, it becomes increasingl y vulnerable as well . Failure in critical systems can put human life, and in some cases large number s of lives, at risk . In particular, as the military begins to rely heavily(More)
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