Severino Collier Coutinho

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A more recent milestone in the subject was J. P. Jouanolou's lecture notes [1979]. An often quoted result from these notes states that the set of holomorphic foliations of the complex projective plane P that do not have an algebraic solution is dense in the space that parametrizes the foliations; see [Jouanolou 1979, Chapter 4, p. 157 ff.]. In order to(More)
The most important geometric invariant in the theory of D-modules is the characteristic variety. Let X be a smooth complex algebraic variety and denote by D its sheaf of rings of differential operators. If M is a X Ž . coherent sheaf of modules over D then its characteristic variety Ch M X is a subvariety of the cotangent bundle T X. The commutator of(More)
— We present a constructive proof of the fact that the set of algebraic Pfaff equations without algebraic solutions over the complex projective plane is dense in the set of all algebraic Pfaff equations of a given degree. Résumé. — Nous présentons une preuve constructive du fait que l’ensemble des équations de Pfaff sans solutions algébriques sur le plan(More)
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