Severine Haug

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BACKGROUND Maternal atopy is a strong predictor for the development of childhood allergic diseases. The underlying mechanisms are ill defined, yet regulatory T (Treg) and T(H)17 cells may play a key role potentially shaping the early immune system toward a proallergic or antiallergic immune regulation. OBJECTIVE We examined T(H)1/T(H)2, Treg, and T(H)17(More)
We wanted to examine the effect of antigen retrieval on epoxy sections where the tissue had been infiltrated by resin containing moderately increased amounts of accelerator. The concentration of accelerator DMP-30 (Tri(Dimethyl Amino Methyl) Phenol) was varied in the range of 0% to 4% in the infiltration step of the tissue processing. Some of the epoxy(More)
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