Severin Kacianka

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Accountability aims to provide explanations for why unwanted situations occurred, thus providing means to assign responsibility and liability. As such, accountability has slightly different meanings across the sciences. In computer science, our focus is on providing explanations for technical systems, in particular if they interact with their physical(More)
While the topic of security in industrial applications has gained some momentum in recent years, there are still severe security vulnerabilities which are actively exploited for attacks. The robot operating system (ROS) is expected to further grow in usage and to be used in many industrial applications. Analysis, however, shows that it lacks several(More)
In this paper, we investigate the pondered selection of innovative software verification technology in the safety-critical domain and its implications. Verification tools perform analyses, testing or simulation activities. The compliance of the techniques implemented by these tools to fulfill standard-mandated objectives (i.e., to be means of compliance in(More)
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