Sever Silvestru Dragomir

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hold. This double inequality is known in the literature as the Hermite–Hadamard inequality for convex functions. In recent years many authors established several inequalities connected to this fact. For recent results, refinements, counterparts, generalizations and new Hermite-Hadamard’stype inequalities see [1]–[18]. We recall that the notion of(More)
 (b− a)M, for all x ∈ [a, b] . The constant 14 is best possible in the sense that it cannot be replaced by a smaller constant. In [2], the author has proved the following Ostrowski type inequality. Theorem 2. Let f : [a, b] → R be continuous on [a, b] with a > 0 and differentiable on (a, b) . Let p ∈ R\ {0} and assume that Kp (f ) := sup u∈(a,b) { u |f ′(More)