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BACKGROUND AND AIM This review aims at presenting a current view on the most frequent factors involved in the mechanisms causing temporomandibular disorders (TMD). METHOD We conducted a critical review of the literature for the period January 2000 to December 2014 to identify factors related to TMD development and persistence. RESULTS The etiology of(More)
We revised the charts of first interventions of refractive surgery with LASIK and PRK in order to evaluate the results and to analyze the incidents and complications we encountered as beginners in photorefractive surgery. In total 50 eyes of 29 patients (7 men and 22 women) were operated. 42 eyes were myopic (21 with astigmatism) and 8 eyes were hyperopic(More)
Based on some mathematical and statistical approaches, our study leads to some conclusions concerning the procedures related to the orodental prosthetics. Occlusal equilibration in orodental prosthetics is a major issue because besides motivating patients for a regular daily oral hygiene, it could significantly increase the longevity of FPR. More dental(More)
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