Sevak Sargsyan

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A detailed description of a method for detection of code clones is described. This method is based on the semantic analysis of programs and on new algorithms that make it scalable without affecting its accuracy. The proposed method involves two phases. In the first phase, the program dependence graph (PDG) is constructed while the program is compiled. LLVM(More)
Existed methods of code clones detection have some restrictions. Textual and lexical approaches cannot detect strongly modified fragments of code. Syntactic and metrics based approaches detect strong modifications with low accuracy. On the contrary, semantic approach accurately detects the cloned fragments of code with small changes as well as the strongly(More)
The Kolmogorov-Arnold stochasticity parameter technique is applied for the first time to the study of cancer genome sequencing, to reveal mutations. Using data generated by next-generation sequencing technologies, we have analysed the exome sequences of brain tumour patients with matched tumour and normal blood. We show that mutations contained in(More)
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