Seungyun Lee

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Short-text classification is increasingly used in a wide range of applications. However, it still remains a challenging problem due to the insufficient nature of word occurrences in short-text documents, although some recently developed methods which exploit syntactic or semantic information have enhanced performance in short-text classification. The(More)
One of major tasks at IETF NEMO WG is for supporting the seamless connectivity of mobile networks based on IPv6. This seamless connectivity can be provided by multiple accesses to multiple service providers with multiple wireless network interfaces. Classifications for possible multihoming cases must be one of the most important issues in order to find the(More)
Embedded system development confronts to the needs of guaranteeing both short time release and the product's high quality. Emphasizing proactive SW reuse, it is necessary to identify reusable SW requirements for the product families. Once the standard features of product family are defined as reusable requirements, a derived model reuses most of them and(More)
In this paper, we propose an architecture of measurement system which can measure IETF’s IP Performance Metrics (IPPM) such as one-way delay, one-way packet loss and packet delay variation in the Internet. As the synchronization among measurement systems is very important in one-way delay measurement, we used the Global Positioning System (GPS) to(More)
The popularity of Web services within the IT industry continues to grow as the next generation Web technologies. Recently the mobile industry has started to apply Web services technologies to expose and integrate the value it holds in the mobile domain. The Web services could bring new business opportunities with seamlessly integrating mobile devices and(More)
In ubiquitous computing, clients should be able to use any kinds of services whenever and wherever they are. Service has the same quality without concerned with characteristics such as the status and location of services or devices. Because the characteristics are dynamically changed, a sub-network is difficult to reflect all the changes. So, there are(More)
The clients, in ubiquitous environment, want to be consistently offered services at any time and in any places. There are so many service discovery middleware such as Jini, UPnP and HAVi. Each one of them supports different communication protocol. Therefore, when the clients ask an inquiry of service search, they have to support communication protocol of(More)