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Graphene composites with metal or metal oxide nanoparticles have been extensively investigated owing to their potential applications in the fields of fuel cells, batteries, sensing, solar cells, and catalysis. Among them, much research has focused on supercapacitor applications and have come close to realization. Composites include monometal oxides of(More)
A field robot is defined as one that executes tasks while moving around in a dynamic environment where structures, operators and equipments are constantly changing. The basic elements of a field robot consist of a mobile platform for executing a particular operation in a dynamic environment, sensors and intelligence technology to recognize and cope with(More)
In undergoing this life, many people always try to do and get the best. New knowledge, experience, lesson, and everything that can improve the life will be done. However, many people sometimes feel confused to get those things. Feeling the limited of experience and sources to be better is one of the lacks to own. However, there is a very simple thing that(More)
It is well known that exercise is indispensable in the course of rehabilitation for damaged bones, joints, and muscles. The damaged parts are treated with surgery and/or medicine then exercise is prescribed to recover normal function. Though various exercise machines, which control the force and speed of the exercise, are used for reliable exercise, they(More)
This paper presents a seamless video service using web-cached multicast in WLAN. This system is composed of switching/multicast agent(SMA) and some access points(AP) with cache memory in wireless network. The proposed web-cached multicast technique for live-video can reduce the service delay, shortage of deficient network resources and the load of video(More)
Time difference of arrival (TDOA) estimation is one of the key techniques in array signal processing and has wide applications in hands-free speech interface. TDOA is used to derive the time difference of signal propagation from source to the spatially separated microphones. The acoustic transfer functions ratio (ATF-s ratio) method is one of the robust(More)
This study presents a virtual environment with a robot system for multi-joint rehabilitation exercise. This is a new application in the field of rehabilitation medicine and reflects the current trend of using robots in service fields. It is well known that exercise is indispensable for rehabilitation for damaged bones, joints, and muscles. The damaged parts(More)