Seungwoo Jung

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Subcellular fractionation represents an essential technique for functional proteome analysis. Recently, we provided a subcellular fractionation protocol for minute amounts of tissue that yielded a nuclear fraction, a membrane and organelle fraction, and a cytosolic fraction. In the current study, we attempted to improve the protocol for the isolation of(More)
The dark-like (dal) mutant mouse has a pleiotropic phenotype that includes dark dorsal hairs and reproductive degeneration. Their pigmentation phenotype is similar to Attractin (Atrn) mutants, which also develop vacuoles throughout the brain. In further characterizing the testicular degeneration of dal mutant males, we found that they had reduced serum(More)
BACKGROUND Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, characterized by thickened ventricular walls and reduced ventricular chamber volume, is a common cause of sudden cardiac death in young people. Most inherited forms result from mutations in genes encoding sarcomeric proteins. METHODS Histologic analysis identified embryonic cardiac hypertrophy in dark-like mutant(More)
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