Seungwoo Jeon

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Social networking site (SNS) messages can contain subjective traffic information, including congestion-related expressions such as “bad traffic” or “traffic is crazy”. Moreover, they also contain heterogeneous levels of location information, such as a point (latitude, longitude), a road, or an area name, which complicates the(More)
As logistics industry is being grown, the saving of logistic operating cost becomes the key of efficiency in many fields of industries. The saving of cost is possible by improvement of processing mechanism efficiently. Simply, if the locations of stored freights are managed on a real time by a certain system, then the cost to find stored freight such as(More)
From a huge volume of text of emails and SNS, it is required to extract human relations to determine whether or not there exist illegal connections each other. A graph structure becomes very useful for giving better representation of human relations compared with the original plain text. In this paper, we propose a way of constructing graph from a number of(More)
Although CCTV is most frequently used for traffic monitoring, there arise problems as a result of which traffic flow needs to be checked manually. In this paper, we propose a new method for automatically calculating traffic volume and vehicle speed by pattern analysis using pixel data extracted from CCTV Video image. First, vertical and horizontal lines are(More)
Weather conditions determine the variation in the floating population at tourist sites and, consequently, the number of persons who stay overnight; therefore, it is necessary to select those determinants that are most influenced by the weather. Our aim is to construct a multiple linear regression model and system based on big data processing tools to(More)