Seungmin Jung

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The ability to overcome rough terrain is a main issue of mobile robots. However, as the speed of a robot increases, stability becomes another issue because it is directly related to the mobility of the robot. Without stability, the robot is exposed to risks of overturn. Therefore, a mobile robot needs to be not only maneuverable but also stable. We present(More)
This paper proposes an effective fingerprint identification system with hardware block for thinning stage processing of a verification algorithm based on minutiae with 39% occupation of 32-bit RISC microprocessor cycle. Each step of a fingerprint algorithm is analyzed based on FPGA and ARMulator. This paper designs an effective hardware scheme for thinning(More)
This paper introduces a wearable robotic orthosis with spring-assist actuators, which is designed to assist people who have difficulty in walking. The spring-assist actuator consists of an electrical motor and a spring, which are attached to a rotational axis in parallel to each other. The spring-assist actuator is developed based on the analysis on the(More)
This paper presents a new mobile robotic platform (R-Mo) which can reduce unexpected variations in height as well as pitch angle of its main body while traversing rough terrains. As a measure for the smooth movement of mobile platform, the variations in height and pitch angle are chosen in this study. Then, the kinematic analysis on the Rocker-Bogie(More)
Integration technology of various distribution systems for improving renewable energy utilization has been receiving attention in the power system industry. The wave-offshore hybrid generation system (HGS), which has a capacity of over 10 MW, was recently developed by adopting several voltage source converters (VSC), while a control method for adopted power(More)
Hand movements such as those necessary to use smart devices or credit cards are vital to modern-day daily life, both for able-bodied people and those with disabilities. Therefore, we have developed a robotic gadget for assisting people with severe disabilities by supporting the hand movements needed for everyday life and social activities, and thus promote(More)