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MRI scanners enable fast, noninvasive, and high-resolution imaging of organs and soft tissue. The images are reconstructed from NMR signals generated by nuclear spins that precess in a static magnetic field B0 in the presence of magnetic field gradients. Most clinical MRI scanners operate at a magnetic field B0 = 1.5 T, corresponding to a proton resonance(More)
When a stream of shampoo is fed onto a pool in one's hand, a jet can leap sideways or rebound from the liquid surface in an intriguing phenomenon known as the Kaye effect. Earlier studies have debated whether non-Newtonian effects are the underlying cause of this phenomenon, making the jet glide on top of a shear-thinning liquid layer, or whether an(More)
We study the adsorption of a long, flexible polymer (ideal or self-avoiding chain) interacting with a rough surface via a finite-range attraction. Within the Edwards equation approach, we develop a variational method to find the segmental distribution and the free energy of an adsorbed chain. As adsorption becomes strong, the segments tend to be localized(More)
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