Seungkwon Beack

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Binaural cue coding (BCC) has been introduced for compact representation of multi-channel audio. It exploits binaural cue parameters for capturing the spatial image of multi-channel audio. Recently, it has been standardized within MPEG as the name of "MPEG Surround." In this paper, we propose a sound source location cue coding (SSLCC) system for compressing(More)
This paper proposes an alternative scheme for extracting speech features in an automatic speech recognition (ASR) system. If an ASR system is trained using a clean speech source, a noisy environment may cause a mismatch between the features from the recognition data and those from the training data. This mismatch deteriorates the recognition accuracy. Thus,(More)
We present a new speech enhancement algorithm in a car environment with two microphones. The car audio signals and other background noises are the target noises to be suppressed. Our algorithm is composed of two main parts, i.e., the spatial and the temporal processes. The multi-channel blind deconvolution (MBD) is applied to the spatial process while the(More)
The main goal of acoustic data transmission is to deliver data by overcoming acoustic channel distortion. This paper presents a data transmission method that modifies the amplitude of the time domain audio signal imperceptibly. The main advantage of the proposed method is that the synchronization process can be conducted simultaneously while data is being(More)
DAB is a traditional digital radio broadcasting technology. To enhance the performance and quality of DAB system, DAB+ is standardized with outer coding and superior audio codec (HE-AACv2). Recently, as audio codec technology develops, state of the art audio codec, USAC has been standardized. This paper designs the DAB+ system with USAC to enhance the audio(More)
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