Seungkeun Lee

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Protein-protein interactions can be regulated by protein modifications such as phosphorylation. Some of the phosphorylation sites (Ser155, Ser162 and Ser170) of HBV (hepatitis B virus) Cp have been discovered and these sites are implicated in the regulation of viral genome encapsidation, capsid localization and nucleocapsid maturation. In the present(More)
A 10-year-old male Korean domestic short-haired cat was presented with refractory lower urinary tract obstruction. The cat was treated by urethral stent placement using a self-expanding nitinol intraluminal stent (Zilver 535 biliary stents, COOK, U.S.A.) subsequent with balloon expansion. Although the cat showed 2 days of transient hematuria after the stent(More)
Our research targets collaborative environments with focus on mobility and teams. This environment comprise a number of people working on multiple tasks and activities simultaneously. As mobile and wireless technology advances people are no longer bound to their offices. Team members are able to collaborate while on the move. So, mobile ubiquitous(More)