Seungjo Bae

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Vector prefix and reduction are collective communication primitives in which all processors must cooperate. We present two parallel algorithms, the direct algorithm and the split algorithm, for vector prefix and reduction computation on coarse-grained, distributed-memory parallel machines. Our algorithms are relatively architecture independent and can be(More)
We present experimental results for parallelizing two breadth-rst search-based applications on the CM-5 by using two diierent message-passing paradigms, one based on send/receive and the other based on active messages. The parallelization of these applications requires ne-grained communication. Our results show that the active messages-based implementation(More)
A new dynamic LOD system is recently proposed to represent fairly large artificial terrains using hierarchical triangular patches[5]. Its mesh structure is unique from other conventional methods because it is designed to reduce the total number of draw primitive calls in a frame rather than the number of primitives. Another distinctive feature is its(More)
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