Seungjae Oh

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Online social network services have embedded social rating systems that users can evaluate and share the quality of content such as the “Like” button for Facebook. This rating system is an important mechanism in social interaction since the system can affect the degree of user connection and the spread of information sharing. Most of such(More)
In this research, we present the design and formative evaluation of an interactive simulation for informal learning environments. The wearable feature of Augmented Reality(AR) glasses enables full-body movement and embodied interactions in digitally augmented physical environments. The interactive simulation was developed to engage and immerse users to(More)
In recent years, Participatory Design (PD) has emerged as an important design methodology to engage end-users in various phases of design processes, for better understanding about users' perspectives in situated contexts. In this paper, we discuss how to design and structure a participatory design workshop with children, especially in the situation to(More)
In this poster, we present an experiment to capture user's natural pointing posture in distal pointing tasks at large displays and to examine the effect of pointing posture on the performance of distal pointing tasks. There were two types of pointing posture: stretched arm posture (69% of the participants) and bended arm posture (31% of the participants).(More)
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