Seungjae Kim

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In this study, the immunological effect of silver nanoparticles on innate immunity was investigated using primary human monocytes. After exposure to silver nanoparticles, production of IL-1β, a critical cytokine involved in induction of innate immunity, significantly increased as particle size decreased. These results suggest that silver nanoparticles may(More)
In modern medicine the resistance to conventional antibiotics is becoming a serious concern due to high instances of mortality. Several metallic nanoparticles are suggested as promising anti-microbial agents against multidrug-resistant bacteria and some viruses. Among the nanoparticles mentioned, we review the recent finding which demonstrate the impact of(More)
Because of the limited information on size-dependent particle-mediated effects, the present study was conducted to determine if the changes in induced protein expression between 5 nm silver nanoparticles and 100 nm particles after exposure to sub-lethal concentrations. A total of 28,000 cDNA profiles were screened using 5 nm silver nanoparticles and 100 nm(More)
Phagocytosis or endocytosis by macrophages is critical to the uptake of fine particles, including nanoparticles, in order to initiate toxic effects in cells. Here, our data enhance the understanding of the process of internalization of silver nanoparticles by macrophages. When macrophages were pre-treated with inhibitors to phagocytosis, caveolin-mediated(More)
The triggering effect of silver nanoparticles (NPs) on the induction of allergic reactions is evaluated, by studying the activation of mast cells and the clinical features of atopic dermatitis in a mouse model. Granule release is induced in RBL-2H3 mast cells by 5 nm, but not 100 nm silver NPs. Increases in the levels of reactive oxygen species (hydrogen(More)
Silica nanoparticles, which are applicable in many industrial fields, have been reported to induce cellular changes such as cytotoxicity in various cells and fibrosis in lungs. Because the immune system is the primary targeting organ reacting to internalized exogenous nanoparticles, we tried to figure out the immunostimulatory effect of silica nanoparticles(More)
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