Seunghyun Tina Lee

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Femtocells applied in many existing systems, such as HSPA, 3GPP LTE, WiMAX, and etc, which cover a short range and offer an economically viable way to improve cellular system capacity, have caught world-wide researching interest nowadays. The primary purpose of femtocell solutions has been to improve indoor coverage in current cellular systems. Here, users(More)
Computer mediated group collaboration, particularly in the design and engineering disciplines, is in need of better applications that suit the needs of effective exchange of information. Multi-touch surfaces offer the capabilities to augment and better enable face-to-face interaction with digital content and applications. This paper presents the design,(More)
Current accessible voting machines require many voters with visual, cognitive and dexterity limitations to vote with assistance, if they can vote at all. To address accessibility problems, we developed the EZ Ballot. The linear layout of the EZ ballot structure fundamentally re-conceptualizes ballot design to provide the same simple and intuitive voting(More)
Inter-RAT handover technique from the WCDMA network to the CDMA network is developed. Two systems are linked and inter-worked with each other. The UE which gets out of the WCDMA area changes its radio network to the CDMA system and maintains the call without seams. Through the field test in the commercial network we got a high success rate of the handover
This paper presents an empirical study of two student pairs collaborating on two small products design session in both face-to-face and distributed settings while using Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) technologies and a Collaborative Virtual Environment (CVE). To gain insight about the way designers communicate and collaborate, the observation focused(More)
To offset sedentary lifestyles, physical activity is widely promoted in the workplace. In this paper, we present HealthQuest, a mixed reality system to motivate employees’ physical activity. HealthQuest leverages a company facility’s existing physical infrastructure augmented with distributed kiosks. Users engage in wellness learning quests by walking from(More)
Optimization method of the HSDPA network in the cell-overlaid area is developed. The performance index such as throughput is measured in the cell-overlaid area with various cases, the moving case and the fixed case. The handover parameters affect the user throughput differently as the user's environment. In order to optimize the network in cell-overlaid(More)
Voting is a glocalized event across countries, states and municipalities in which individuals of all abilities want to participate. To enable people with disabilities to participate accessible voting is typically implemented by adding assistive technologies to electronic voting machines to accommodate people with disabilities. To overcome the complexities(More)