Seunghyun Hwang

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A lumped-element bandpass filter based on new RXP ultra-thin organic technology with enhanced stopband rejections is proposed in this paper. The design is based on a third-order capacitively-coupled resonator circuit with unique resonator and ground inductor. For demonstration of the proposed circuit and RXP technology, a 5 GHz bandpass filter has been(More)
Functionalization of graphdiyne, a two-dimensional atomic layer of sp-sp(2) hybrid carbon networks, was investigated through first-principles calculations. Hydrogen or halogen atoms preferentially adsorb on sp-bonded carbon atoms rather than on sp(2)-bonded carbon atoms, forming sp(2)- or sp(3)-hybridization. The energy band gap of graphdiyne is increased(More)
This study aimed to develop an intervention program based on acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for youth taekwondo players. Eight sessions of the ACT program were provided to nine youth taekwondo players. The content analysis was conducted for the activities, activity sheets, assignments, and program evaluations. First of all, the results showed that(More)
Collegiate student athletes face psychological stressors in adjusting to campus life. This study used preexisting, nationally representative data administered by the National Collegiate Athletic Association for student athletes in 2010 to explore the conjunctive relationships among demographics, personal characteristics, social contexts, and physical(More)
This paper presents advanced polymers for RF packaging applications including filters and antennas. First, micro-scaled LCP technology for front-end modules is presented. Next, nano-scaled ultra-thin RXP technology is introduced with its integration capability and embedded passive performances. Simulated results of bandpass filter, and antennas for 60 GHz(More)
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