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Accounting for L2 Article Choice Sensitivity on Korean EFL Learners` Grammatical Ability
The current study explored the L2 article sensitivities of fifty-three Korean EFL learners to three semantic contexts (definite, indefinite, zero). The participants were divided into two groups withExpand
Revisiting Fluctuations in L2 Article Choice in L1-Korean L2-English Learners
The findings across the two tests indicate that L1-Korean L2-English learners are more likely to have intrinsic difficulties transferring their L1 noun phrase (NP) knowledge to L2 NP knowledge owing to structural discrepancies and complex interfaces between L1 NPs and L2 NPs with respect to syntactic, semantic and pragmatic/discourse language subsystems. Expand
Cross -language transfer of sub-syllabic units in the acquisition of L2 phonological awareness: Semivowel placement differences between Korean and English
Findings suggest that the incorporation of sub-syllabic awareness measures into phonological assessments will result in a more accurate assessment of English language learners with diverse phonological representations and help guide early reading instruction for children at risk for difficulty learning to read, speak and spell in English as a second language. Expand
Raising Awareness of Code Switching in Korean Language Education