Seunghyun Baek

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This paper proposes a novel technique which provides energy efficient circuit design for sensors networks. The overall system presented requires a minimum number of independently communicating sensors and sub-circuits which enable it to reduce the power consumption by setting unused sensors to idle. This technique reduces hardware requirements, time and(More)
The present study explored the sensitivity to stress patterns of sixty-four ninthgraders learning to speak and read in Korean as a first language (L1) and English as a second language (L2) concurrently. Students’ productive stress processing abilities were assessed in reading Korean real words, English unfamiliar real words, and English pseudowords. Results(More)
This study investigated the sub-syllabic awareness of two groups of 86 Korean kindergarteners learning English as a foreign language (EFL) or English as a second language (ESL). In addition, it explored the cross-language transfer of sub-syllabic units between Korean and English by taking into account their lexical abilities with respect to the two(More)
The current study investigated the distinction of L2 (second language) English article choice sensitivity in fifty-three L1-Korean L2-English learners in semantic contexts. In the context of English as a foreign language, the participants were divided into two groups based on grammatical ability as determined by their performance on a cloze test. In(More)
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