Seunghyok Kim

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Comparing the leg of an ostrich to that of a human suggests an important question to legged robot designers: should a robot's leg joint bend in the direction of running ('forwards') or opposite ('backwards')? Biological studies cannot answer this question for engineers due to significant differences between the biological and engineering domains. Instead,(More)
When millions of years of evolution suggest a particular design solution, we may be tempted to abandon traditional design methods and copy the biological example. However, biological solutions do not often translate directly into the engineering domain, and even when they do, copying eliminates the opportunity to improve. A better approach is to extract(More)
This study proposes an effective framework for process real-time optimization and data-driven modeling method. The proposed RTO framework with evolutionary improvement algorithm does not wait for the steady-state and it corrects the set-point continuously through the similar way which genetic algorithm exploit to find optimal points. It can deal with higher(More)
An endpoint detection using the algorithm of principal component analysis based support vector machine was developed for the plasma etching process. Because many endpoint detection techniques use a few manually selected wavelengths, noise render them ineffective and it is hard to select the important wavelengths. So the principal component algorithm with(More)
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