Seunghwan Yoon

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We consider congestion control in a non-stationary queueing system. Assuming that the arrival and service rates are bounded, periodic functions of time, a Markov decision process (MDP) formulation is developed. We show under the infinite horizon discounted and average reward optimality criteria, for each fixed time, optimal pricing and admission control(More)
The objectives of designing meander line antenna are miniaturization of antenna and application of spatial power combining to make circular polarization. A linearly polarized planar antenna is proposed. Helical meander line is printed on both sides of the antenna substrate. It is appropriate to reduce the size of low resonant frequency antennas. The meander(More)
BACKGROUND Anesthesia during the synaptogenic period induces dendritic spine formation, which may affect neurodevelopment. The authors, therefore, evaluated whether changes in synaptic transmission after dendritic spine formation induced by sevoflurane were associated with long-term behavioral changes. The effects of sevoflurane on mitochondrial function(More)
BACKGROUND The second trimester is a period of neurogenesis and neuronal migration, which can be affected by exposure to anesthetics. Studies also suggest that multiple exposures may have a greater impact on neurodevelopment. AIM We investigated whether in utero single or multiple exposures to anesthetics caused long-term behavior changes. METHODS(More)
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