Seunghun Han

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This study proposes gaze-based hand interaction, which is helpful for improving the user’s immersion in the production process of virtual reality content for the mobile platform, and analyzes efficiency through an experiment using a questionnaire. First, three-dimensional interactive content is produced for use in the proposed interaction experiment while(More)
Identification of a Gallium-Containing Carbon Deposit Produced by Decomposition of Trimethyl Gallium Chinho Park,* Jin-ho Kim, Deoksun Yoon, Seunghun Han, Changjoo Doh, Seokki Yeo, Kun-Hong Lee,* and Timothy J. Anderson* School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Yeungnam University, Gyeongsan 712-749, Korea Department of Chemical Engineering, Pohang(More)
Scavenging of extracellular protein via macropinocytosis is an alternative to monomeric amino acid uptake. In pancreatic cancer, macropinocytosis is driven by oncogenic Ras signaling and contributes substantially to amino acid supply. While Ras signaling promotes scavenging, mTOR signaling suppresses it. Here, we present an integrated(More)
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