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This article presents the as a basis for predicting the influence of specific emotions on consumer decision making. In particular, the ATF addresses how and why specific emotions carry over from past situations to color future judgments and choices. After reviewing the main assumptions and the five main principles of the framework, two streams of research(More)
We investigated the effects of the East Asian Summer Monsoon (EASM), which brings approximately half of Korea's annual rainfall in July, on the concentration and particle-water partitioning, and sources of Hg in coastal waters. Surface seawater samples were collected from eight sites in Gwangyang Bay, Korea, during the monsoon (July, 2009) and non-monsoon(More)
Mercury methylation and sulfate reduction rates, total Hg, and monomethyl Hg in the sediments of the Venice Lagoon (Italy) were measured in June 2005 in order to identify the factors affecting the methylation of inorganic Hg. While the rates of Hg methylation and sulfate reduction were generally higher in the surface layers (0-2.5 cm), the correlation(More)
Ultraviolet-B (UV-B) irradiation has been known to generate oxidative stress by increasing reactive oxygen species (ROS) in skin cells. Several naturally occurring antioxidant compounds isolated from marine algae are believed to protect against ROS. In this study, we assessed the antioxidative effect of eckstolonol isolated from Ecklonia cava against(More)
Shewanella putrefaciens 200, resistant to high concentration of Hg(II), was selected for co-removal of mercury and selenium from aqueous medium. Biogenic Hg(0) reduced from Hg(II) by S. putrefaciens 200 was captured into extracellular amorphous selenium nanospheres, resulting in the formation of stable HgSe nanoparticles. This bacterial reduction could be a(More)
While many studies have examined Hg(II) binding ligand in natural dissolved organic matter, determined ligand concentrations far exceed natural Hg(II) concentrations. This ligand class may not influence natural Hg(II) complexation, given the reverse relation between ligand concentration and metal-ligand binding strength. This study used a new competing(More)
Sediment profiles of total mercury (Hg) and monomethylmercury (MMHg) were determined from a 30-m drill hole located north of Venice, Italy. While the sediment profile of total Hg concentration was fairly constant between 1 and 10 m, that of the MMHg concentration showed an unexpected peak at a depth of 6 m. Due to the limited sulfate content (<1 mM) at the(More)
Recently, several mobile services are changing to cloud-based mobile services with richer communications and higher flexibility. We present a new mobile cloud infrastructure that combines mobile devices and cloud services. This new infrastructure provides virtual mobile instances through cloud computing. To commercialize new services with this(More)
People often encounter one emotion-triggering event after another. To examine how an emotion experience affects those that follow, the current article draws on the appraisal-tendency framework and cognitive appraisal theories of emotion. The emotional blunting hypothesis predicts that a specific emotion can carry over to blunt the experience of a subsequent(More)
Heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants (POPs), including Pb, Cd, T-Hg, MeHg, PCDD/Fs, PCBs, PBDEs, PCNs, and PBDD/Fs, were analyzed in 20 paired samples of cord blood, maternal blood, maternal urine, and placenta. The samples were collected from pregnant mothers and neonates from South Korea in 2010. The distribution of heavy metals among the(More)