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In this study, we demonstrated that survivin downregulation with TRAIL expression greatly enhanced the cytotoxic death of pancreatic cancer cells after gemcitabine treatment. Using real-time RT-PCR, we analyzed five survivin shRNAs to identify the best target sequence for suppression of human survivin, with the goal of treating gemcitabine-resistant(More)
This study describes the development of a semi-physical, real-time nitric oxide (NO) prediction model that is capable of cycle-by-cycle prediction in a light-duty diesel engine. The model utilizes the measured in-cylinder pressure and information obtained from the engine control unit (ECU). From the inputs, the model takes into account the pilot injection(More)
BACKGROUND Congenital trochlear palsy may manifest with sudden vertical diplopia due to decompensation during the later life, which may bring a diagnostic challenge. CASE PRESENTATION Two men with vertical diplopia for several years after age of 50 were referred with persisting or suddenly aggravating diplopia. Findings were consistent with unilateral(More)
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