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A novel low profile and dual-band antenna for the frequency band of T-DMB (terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting) and UHF (ultra high frequency) applications are presented. By folding an inverted-L antenna with open stubs, the low profile and dual band property are achieved. To operate over T-DMB (180-210 MHz) and UHF (470-810 MHz) frequency bands,(More)
A novel low profile metal plate monopole antenna with L-shape silt for laptop application is proposed. The antenna covers DTV (470 MHz ~ 740 MHz) frequency band and can be easily constructed by folding the planar patch with a silt and occupies a small volume of 56 mm x 23 mm x 10 mm. The measured return losses for operating frequencies over the DTV band are(More)
An integrated two-wire helical antenna for Bluetooth band (2.4 ~ 2.483 GHz) is introduced. The proposed antenna is implemented on the printed circuit board (PCB) for Bluetooth. The antenna has modified two-wire helical structure to maximize the bandwidth in spite of small PCB volume. The dimension of proposed antenna on standard FR4 substrate is 12 mm times(More)
In this paper, a slot coupled dipole antenna was presented for dual band passive RFID tag applications. Structures using a slot coupled feed and a resonator are explored to achieve dual band operation. It shows good impedance and radiation characteristics from 860 MHz to 960 MHz (ISO 18000-6) and from 2.40 GHz to 2.50 GHz (ISO 18000-4). The return loss is(More)
A novel triple-band antenna for the terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (T-DMB), digital video broadcasting handheld (DVB-H) and digital audio broadcasting (DAB) services are presented. By using the simple structure of two bar-shaped radiators with spiral ring shaped parasitic patches, meandered structures and lumped elements on FR4 substrate,(More)
A novel dual band antenna for DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld) and T-DMB (Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) services are presented. By adjusting the gap distance between the long and short bar-shape metal plates, wide and dual band properties are achieved. The proposed antenna shows good impedance and radiation characteristics for(More)
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