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QoS support in broadband access network is indispensable because QoS-sensitive realtime multimedia applications such as voice of IP, teleconferencing, IP TV, and audio/video streaming are currently rapidly deployed in broadband access networks. Since broadband access networks are already widely deployed in the world, there are several important(More)
Today's wide deployment of broadband access networks, high development of personal multimedia processing technologies, and high interests in UCC (user created content)s are pushing the P2P (peer to peer) IPTV era to be opened in near future. The P2P IPTV will create a new paradigm for the Internet services. This paper proposes an integrated session control(More)
In this paper, several dynamic QoS solutions including Direct Diff-Serv, Admission-based Direct DiffServ, Indirect DiffServ, and Hybrid DiffServ are proposed to support largely emerging SIP-based P2P(Peer-to-Peer) and ASP(Application Service Provider) multimedia applications in DSL networks, most widely deployed as broadband access networks. The proposed(More)