Seungcheon Kim

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A new flow control scheme improving performance of the future broadband satellite networks is proposed and analyzed in this paper. The proposed scheme is particularly suitable for the Internet-based services in broadband satellite networks. The complexity of the proposed scheme is comparable with the existing flow control techniques, as it does not require(More)
ASN-5: A Practical Adaptive Scheme for Enhancing Network Stability in Mobile Ad-hoc Wireless Networks Le The Dung, Sue Hyung Ha, Beongku An Hongik University, Korea ASN-6 : Freshness Preserving Hierarchical Key Agreement Protocol over Hierarchical MANETs Hyunsung Kim Kyungil University, Korea ASN-7 : A Symmetric Hierarchical Clustering Related to the Sink(More)
Direction finder, an important component of electronic warfare system, is a device that detects electromagnetic waves radiated from target radar and measures its angle of arrival. Compared to the phase-comparison method, the amplitudecomparison method has simpler system, and it’s easy to miniaturize; however, relatively, its direction finding is less(More)
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