Seungbae Kim

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We conduct comprehensive measurements on the current practice of content bundling to understand the structural patterns of torrents and the participant behaviors of swarms on one of the largest BitTorrent portals: The Pirate Bay. From the datasets of the 120K torrents and 14.8M peers, we investigate what constitutes torrents and how users participate in(More)
As mobile Internet environments are becoming widespread, how to revamp peer-to-peer (P2P) operations for mobile hosts is gaining more attention. In this paper, we carry out empirical measurement of BitTorrent users in a commercial WiMAX network. We investigate how handovers in WiMAX networks impact the BitTorrent performance, how BitTorrent peers perform(More)
Despite the tremendous success of BitTorrent, its swarming system suffers from a fundamental limitation: lower or no availability of unpopular contents. Recently, Menasche et al. has shown that bundling 1 is a promising solution to mitigate this availability problem; it improves the availability and reduces download times for unpopular contents by combining(More)
BitTorrent has been popular over the last decade. However, few studies have made serious efforts to understand who and why publish torrents, and what strategies are adopted by publishers. In this paper, we study the current content publishing practice in BitTorrent from a socio-economic point of view, by unraveling (1) how files are published by publishers,(More)
Despite the increasing interest in content bundling in BitTorrent systems, there are still few empirical studies on the bundling practice in real BitTorrent communities. In this paper, we conduct comprehensive measurements on one of the largest BitTorrent portals: The Pirate Bay. From the torrents data set collected for 38 days from April to May, 2010, we(More)
As mobile Internet environments are becoming dominant, how to revamp P2P operations for mobile hosts is gaining more and more attention. In this paper, we carry out empirical traffic measurement of BitTorrent service in various settings (static, bus and subway) in commercial WiMAX networks. To this end, we analyze the connectivity among peers, the download(More)
BitTorrent, the immensely successful file swarming system, supports content bundling: a common strategy by which publishers package multiple related files and disseminate them via a single larger swarm. It has been reported that bundling in BitTorrent is wide-spread, currently being done in a subjective and manual manner by individual publishers. This paper(More)
Social based routing has emerged as one of the most efficient routing solutions for Delay Tolerant Networks. It opportunistically relays data to more sociable nodes that have a higher probability of meeting the destination. Many researchers have tried to find the most appropriate metrics that can reflect the real world, such as frequency, freshness, and/or(More)
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