Seung Zoo Jeong

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In the existed studies, interaction system involving force and touch feedback, have been scarely suggested any research. Therefore, we focus on touch and force-feedback activities in interaction with real human. In this paper, we propose the interaction system which combines an immersive virtual environment with human-scale haptic interface. And we(More)
SUMMARY Many immersive displays developed in previous researches are strongly influenced by the design concept of the CAVE, which is the origin of the immersive displays. In the view of human-scale interactive system for virtual environment (VE), the existing immersive systems are not enough to use the potential of a human sense further extent. The displays(More)
Creating interactive motion with existing motion-capture systems is difficult because it requires a precise preparation of the real environment. In order to resolve such a drawback, we propose a new interactive motion capture system that combines the existing motion capture system with a haptic device and a human-scale virtual environment. As our system has(More)
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