Seung You Na

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A new method is proposed to build an autonomous water pollution monitoring map by fish robots using ubiquitous sensor networks with sonar localization. Autonomous fish robots are introduced instead of fixed data logging stations to track pollutant sources as well as monitoring. Autonomous tracking is one of important functions in mobile underwater vehicles(More)
Human face detection plays an important role in applications such as video surveillance, human computer interface, face recognition, and face image database management, etc. We propose a face detection algorithm for color images in complex backgrounds, using fuzzy logic, fast marching method and some image processing techniques. The algorithm is mainly(More)
Speaker recognition in real environment with reliable mode is a key challenge for ubiquitous service in human computer interface. In this paper, we present a robust multimodal speaker identification system with optimized reliability of different modalities. We propose an extension of modified convection function's optimizing factors to account optimum(More)
In this paper we present a new approach for the detection of lip centers based on eye localization that is adopted into a lip reading system in mobile environments. First, the centers of left eyes and right eyes are localized directly. Then we use the geometry characteristics of faces to extract rough lip regions. Next, we use 2 steps of threshold(More)
We present a sonar localization method using ubiquitous sensor network for autonomous water pollution monitoring fish robots. Autonomous tracking is one of important functions in mobile underwater vehicles which monitor water pollution indices. When fish robots find obstacles on its path, proper direction changes to avoid collision are necessary. Otherwise,(More)