Seung Yeon Kwon

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Acute interstitial pneumonia (AIP) is a rapidly progressive condition of unknown cause that occurs in a previously healthy individual and produces the histologic findings of diffuse alveolar damage. Since the term AIP was first introduced in 1986, there have been very few case reports of AIP in children. Here we present a case of AIP in a 3-yr-old girl(More)
Recent advances in childhood cancer treatment have increased survival rates to 80%. Two out of three survivors experience late effects (LEs). From a group of 241 survivors previously described, 193 were followed at the long-term follow-up clinic (LTFC) of Severance Hospital in Korea; the presence of LEs was confirmed by oncologists. We reported the change(More)
While T-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) associated with hemophagocytic syndrome (HPS) has been frequently observed, B-cell NHL associated with HPS has been rarely reported. We report a case of hepatosplenic B-cell lymphoma associated with HPS in a 41-year-old woman who presented with fever of unknown origin. An abdominal CT scan revealed splenomegaly with(More)
Wernicke's encephalopathy is an acute neurolopsychiatric syndrome caused by thiamine deficiency, and classically presents with the triad of opthalmopathy, ataxia and altered mentality. Both prolonged total parenteral nutrition and reduced oral intake can induce Wernicke's encephalopathy during hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT). Although early(More)
To investigate the pathologic change of gallbladder mucosa related to gallstone formation, 52 mice were fed a lithogenic diet containing 1% cholesterol and 0.5% cholic acid and we evaluated the sequential morphologic changes in the gallbladder from two days to 40 weeks. Cholesterol gallstones began to appear after two weeks and all the mice had gallstones(More)
We investigated the incidence of unsuspected gallbladder (GB) carcinomas in a total of 527 consecutive GB specimens resected for benign biliary disease and their clinicopathological features. The GBs were examined microscopically using stepwise tissue sections at 5 mm interval. Clinical and pathological findings were analysed in the cases of unsuspected(More)
Chronic pneumonitis of infancy (CPI) is a very rare interstitial lung disease. Its pathological features differ from other types of interstitial pneumonia that occur in adults and children. The mortality rate of CPI is high, even with treatment. We report a case of a 3 month old girl diagnosed with CPI after an open lung biopsy who improved after proper(More)
We report a 27-year-old woman who developed Coombs' negative hemolytic anemia and fulminant hepatic failure as the initial manifestation of Wilson's disease. Unmeasurably low level of serum alkaline phosphatase provided a clue to the diagnosis of Wilson's disease. The diagnosis was established with the presence of Kayser-Fleischer ring, decreased serum(More)
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