Seung Won Yoon

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This study describes the community building process of virtual learning teams as they form, establish roles and group norms, and address conflict. Students enrolled in an HRD masters program taught entirely online were studied to determine (1) how virtual learning teams develop their group process, and (2) what process and strategies they use as they work(More)
We developed wearable EDA sensor gloves using conducting fabric and embedded system. EDA(Electro-dermal Activity) signal is an electric response on the skin of the human body. There are SCL(Skin Conductance Level) and SCR(Skin Conductance Response) in EDA. Mostly, SCL consists of DC elements. On the other hand, SCR consists of AC elements. We use the(More)
  • J D Velasquez, S W Yoon, B K Partridge, S Y Nof
  • 2005
During emergencies communication is not adequate in terms of amount and quality of information and procedures due to the lack, under the confusion, of knowled ge about the best response actions. In a large system, such as enterprise's logistics and transportation departments, identifying quickly appropriate individuals, communication channels and(More)
The KSTAR device is a tokamak with a fully superconducting (SC) magnet system, which enables an advanced quasi-steady-state operation. Initial operation of the KSTAR SC magnet system has been accomplished for the first plasma discharge operation. The SC magnet system consists of 16 toroidal field (TF) coils and 14 PF coils, magnetic structures, SC buslines,(More)
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